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About us

B. J. Inns Pty Ltd  is a progressive family business which commenced business in 1995 to provide service to the Hydraulic and Pneumatic market with quality Quick Release Couplings.
Our people are well experienced and well qualified. Our managing director has 40 years experience in this industry. Our staff are trained to handle even the most challenging inquiries.
Major brands include Hansen, Gromelle, Rectus, Stucchi, CEJN, Snap-tite and Tema. We can interchange with a large number of other popular brands.
The range of couplings available is extensive and includes two way shut-off (valved couplings), one way shut-off (only the female side valved) and straight through unvalved couplings.  Materials include steel, brass, stainless steel and plastic.
Our aim is to provide high quality products at competitive prices and distribute them with minimal cost throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Applications are wide and varied.  Traditionally Quick Release Couplings were designed for the Hydraulic and Pneumatic markets but since they provide the ability to connect and disconnect lines to equipment without loss of fluid, quick release couplings are used to convey oil, water, steam, grease, various chemicals, oxygen, acetylene, paint and even fibreglass resin.
You will find our couplings on earth moving equipment, trucks, diggers, agricultural equipment, aircraft, carpet cleaning machines, steam cleaning equipment, water blasters, mobile refrigeration, hydraulics jacks, breathing air equipment, etc.