Two Way Shut Off 

These couplings have shut-off valves in both the female and male halves to prevent any fluid loss on disconnection.

Brands include HANSEN, Coupleurs Gromelle (previously Tuthill & Eaton and now part of the Danfoss group), Stucchi, CEJN, Snaptite, Snap-tite, Tema, Rectus, Parker, Foster, Faster and Safeway.

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ISO 7241-1 Series A ISO A Steel Poppet Type Couplings. Hansen Gromelle H15000 and Stucchi BIR Series. Manufactured from zinc plated steel (stainless steel also available). Size range 1/4" to 2" BSPP (NPT, SAE and metric threads in some sizes). Push-Pull type available in 1/2" body size. Dust caps and dust plugs available.

ISO 7241-1 Series B ISO B Poppet Type Couplings. Hansen HK Series. This coupling range is available in Steel, Brass and Stainless Steel. Size range 1/8 inch to 3 inch NPT and BSP. These couplings have a wide range of applications and will handle a variety of fluids and gases. Dust caps and dust plugs available.

High Pressure Gromelle H5000 Series Steel Poppet Type Couplings. The Gromelle H5000 series are manufactured from zinc plated steel. Size range 1/8 inch to 2 inch BSPP. Dust caps and dust plugs available (aluminium).

Tema couplings  
Australian Gas Association (AGA) approved.
Made in Sweden. Features a manually operated locking ring to prevent unintended disconnection.
Pressure eliminator valving available for both males and females.  Non-valved styles available for pressure wash applications.
Sizes 1/8" to 2" BSP.  Dust caps, dust plugs and replacement seal kits available. 
Stainless steel versions also an option.

Ag-type Poppet and Ball Type Hydraulic Couplings IRV & IR Series. These couplings are commonly used in agricultural machinery. Interchangeable with Parker/Pioneer 4000 & 4000-P Series and Faster NS & NV series. Heavy duty zinc plated carbon steel. Hardened ball contact areas. 1/4” to 1”  BSPP (NPT is also available in some sizes).  Dust caps and dust plugs available. Connect under pressure and push-pull poppet types also available (1/2” body size). 1/2" size conforms to ISO 7241-1 series A.

Snap-tite H Series is best suited for general purpose fluid applications where single shut-off, double shut-off or straight through (no-valves) are desired.
Large size range (1/8" to 4").
Available in steel, brass and stainless steel.
High flow rates/low pressure drop.
Valve combinations include:
- Double shut-off poppet valves
- Single shut-off on the coupler or nipple side
- Straight through (un-valved/plain)

ISO 16028 Flat Face Steel Couplings. Flat face feature for low spill and low air inclusion and allows easy cleaning. Safety locking sleeve is standard. Threads available are BSP and NPT (1/4 to 2 inch), UNO (9/16 to 1 5/8 inch) and ORFS male bulkhead. Dust caps and dust plugs available. Hansen/Gromelle FF Series, Stucchi FIRG and Stucchi A Series also available.

Available with Ergo colour coding Gromelle ERFF in a range of sizes.

New Improved Features!

The FF Series couplings by Parker eliminate spillage and air inclusion when connecting and disconnecting.

The sleeve locking mechanism prevents accidental disconnection.

3/8“ body size complies with Hydraulic Tool Manufacturers Association standards (ISO 16028 standard).

FC nipples provide a connect-under-pressure option for trapped pressures up to 3000 psi on the nipple side.

Snap-tite 71 Series couplings are designed for applications which require special features like dry-break, push-to-connect, high pressure, rugged and versatile. Snap-tite 71 series are available in Steel and Stainless Steel in a large size range (1/8" to 4").

TLX Flat Face Twist Lock Couplings - Cejn Super-Duty connectors to handle high pressure impulses and high surge flows. Sizes 3/4" to 1" BSP (other connection types available). Designed to handle the toughest of conditions. Cejn Flat Face Twist Lock TLX demonstation video

Installation guide video CEJN TLX installation guide

Screw together Flat Face Coupling The VEP and VP series combines the strength of a screw together coupling with the advantages of a flat face design. Suitable for the most demanding hydraulic applications. Connection and disconnection possible with high residual pressure. Size range 1/4 inch to 2 inch BSPP (NPT, SAE Code 62 port and head configurations on request). BOP approval for offshore applications. Fire Tested and Lloyds Certified. Dust caps and dust plugs available.

Stucchi VEP Series Screw Together Flat Face Video

Screw Together Poppet type high pressure couplings. Gromelle W6000 series is a heavy duty coupling and is suitable for shock loads and pulsating pressures in hydraulic circuits. Both steel and stainless steel versions are available. Can be connected against residual pressures. Size range 1/4 inch to 2 inch BSP (NPT and metric available on request). Dust caps and dust plugs available.

European Screw Together  VD Series (interchanges with similar couplings including Faster CVV & Ryco R120). The unique threaded profile ensures smooth connection and industry wide interchangeability.  Ideally suited for hydraulic systems experiencing pressure spikes or impulses (hydraulic hammers and rock breakers).

Poppet Screw Together VOF Series is a screw together coupling available in sizes 3/4" to 2" NPT (BSP also available). Suitable for rugged high pressure applications where the mechanical advantage of the screw thread is required.  Common in oil field applications. Interchanges with Snap-tite 75 and Hydraulic Inc 5TV series. Dust caps and dust plugs available.  BOP (blow our prevention) approval in all sizes. Fire tested and Lloyds certified.

Poppet Screw Together heavy duty screw together couplings.

The VV and VVS series screw type couplings have been designed to resolve the problems of plant connection at pressures.  Connection is achieved by rotating the sleeve which is possible with the two parts under pressure.

The VV series is available in sizes 1/4" to 1" BSP.  The VVS is available from 1/4" to 2" BSP.

Wing Nut Type Screw Together Coupling with flat face valving (Danfoss/Aeroquip 5100). Minimal fluid loss and air inclusion on connection and disconnection. Connection under pressure possible. Interchange with similar brands on the market. Coupling body is brass with zinc plated steel wing nuts. Size range 1/2" to 1 1/2" NPT (BSP on request). Dust caps and dust plugs available.

Screw Together Jack Coupling 700 bar  High pressure steel hydraulic coupling with ball check chrome steel valving. Interchange with similar brands on the market. Sizes 1/4 or 3/8 inch NPT. Dust caps and dust plugs available.  NEW  Stainless steel version now available! Contact us for more information.

Fire rated Hydraulic Couplings. The Hansen HKFR is a Fire Rated coupling for high temperature applications. Designed for blow-out preventer BOP applications in the Oil and Gas industry. It exceeds all requirements for API and EUB compliance. It has Lloyd's Register Certification, individual certification on 1/2", 3/4", and 1" sizes and is certified to 700 deg C. Colour coded Red for easy visual verification and BOP designation clearly marked on both the female and male.

The FD90/DF/PD Series diagnostic couplings detect quickly and economically the pressure in preset points of a hydraulic or pneumatic plant. Arranging the male parts in the various circuit points where it is considered a survey is necessary and connecting the female part to a pressure gauge, pressures can be read and recorded to provide a map of the circuit itself.

Body size 1/2" with SAE threads.  External threads on both female coupling and male plug enable mounting in a manifold located on earth moving equipment. Coupling and male plug are zinc plated steel. Working pressure 350 bar.
'Old' style - 4FFI  (couplings in the top half of the photo)
Multiple O rings and backup rings. Hex nut measures 42 mm.
'New' style - 4FH08 (couplings in the bottom half of the photo)
Two O rings only. Hex nut measures 50 mm.
The IRN Series is a robust large body coupling with 300 bar working pressure and a high flow rate (200 L/min). Nominal body size 1 1/4" with 1" BSP connections. Hydraulic application in transport industry.

CEJN Series 115 (1,000 bar working pressure) and CEJN Series 116 (1,500 bar working pressure) are available in both standard and Flat-Face designs. Non-drip connection and disconnection are standard on the CEJN High-Pressure range. The couplings have a safety locking sleeve to prevent accidental disconnection. Plastic dust caps are standard on both coupling and nipple, aluminium dust caps can be ordered separately.

Hansen 2HKIG Series Stainless steel (double shut off)
Hansen 2HKIG series stainless steel couplings can be used with various liquids and gases.
Double shut off (self sealing in both coupling halves).
The male probe (plug) is a flat face design for easy cleaning.
The couplings are suitable for many applications - these ones are used by our customer in a food processing plant on food totes.
Contact us for more information.

The Stucchi Saturn coupling manifold enables residual system pressure to be relieved allowing easy and safe coupling connection and disconnection.
It is ideal for skid steer loaders, excavators and other mobile equipment where residual pressure makes coupling connection and disconnection difficult.
Drop-in replacement for similar manifold blocks (e.g. Faster).
Flat face couplings (ISO 16028 profile) allows for easy cleaning with low spill and low air inclusion.
Spares are available for simple replacement of damaged couplings.
Applications include:
Mobile construction equipment
Skid steers
Excavators and mini-excavators

Check out the demonstration video by Stucchi:

The CEJN Smartflow dry break couplings are aimed to aid safe, efficient and environmentally friendly transfer of fluids in safety critical, aggressive environments.

Spill-Free connections and disconnections with minimal parts and no additional valves required, can save both time and money.

Available in Aluminium and Stainless Steel.

Smartflow specialist couplings meet the challenges and solve problems for many industries worldwide: Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Food & Beverage, Road & Rail, Marine and Aviation.
Common application examples include Adblue distribution, road and rail tankers, offshore applications, marine bunkering and IBC filling. 

These couplings are used anywhere where spillages need to be minimised or fluid transfer efficiency maximised.

All Smartflow Couplings regardless of size or material are rated to 25 Bar Working Pressure with the required 5x Safety Factor.

Check out the video CEJN Smartflow couplings

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Universal Quick Disconnect (UQD) for data centre liquid cooling systems.

Direct-to-chip cooling solutions extend into the racks through efficient routing of flexible, kink free hoses and leak free (helium tested) quick connect couplings.

*Colour coded Red/Blue (anodised aluminium sleeve on the female coupler and coloured O rings on the male probe.
*Stainless steel wetted parts (303/304 grade)
*High flows
*No spillage
*offered in 4 sizes

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