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Un-valved straight through (full bore) couplings are designed for maximum flow with low pressure drop. Common uses are in pressure wash (water blast) applications and for conveying coolant to plastic injection moulding dies.

Brands include Hansen ST Series (previously Tuthill & Eaton and now part of the Danfoss Group) and Aeroquip (Eaton/Danfoss FD69 Series high pressure waterblast couplings)

Extra products include protective dust plugs and dust caps, CEJN WEO fittings, hydraulic check valves, hydraulic ball valves, hydraulic swivels, CEJN air and fluid blow guns and Flowmax colour coded fluid management couplings.

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Full Bore Unvalved Hansen Series ST couplings for maximum flow and minimum pressure drop. Materials available are steel, brass and stainless steel. Size range 1/8 inch to 2 1/2 inch with connections available in BSP, NPT and hose barb (depending on size and material). Ideal couplings for pressure wash and plastic injection mould applications.

The Flo-Temp Couplings (Hansen) have been specifically designed for the conveying of coolant to plastic injection moulds. Couplings are available either valved or non-valved and plugs (males) are unvalved. Construction is all brass and connections for couplings are normally hose barb and for plugs male BSP or NPT. Available in 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" body sizes.

FD69 Water Blast Couplings The Aeroquip FD69 Series ‘Arc Latch’™ design has a greater surface contact area for long service life in rugged high pressure and water blast applications.  The maximum operating pressure is 10,000 psi with 4:1 safety factor. The safety sleeve lock guards against accidental disconnection. It has a smooth bore ‘straight through’ design for high flow and a heavy duty back up ring to prevent 'O' ring extrusion.  Available in plated steel or stainless steel.

Dust Caps and Dust Plugs are available to suit most couplings. Their use keeps the mating surfaces of the disconnected couplings clean extending the useful life of the seals and mechanical components.

The WEO fitting is a smart plug-in solution from CEJN offering extensive problem-solving features and cost savings. It is a self-aligning plug-in fitting that enables quick and safe hydraulic hose kit assembly without any tools. The WEO cartridge is used for a fully-integrated, compact design, and our reinforced two-in-one WEO plug-in swivel, for swivelling applications at full working pressure.

Check out the range CEJN WEO webpage link

Cejn WEO video

Check valves Stucchi VUZ Series are designed for use in hydraulic circuits. They are rugged and reliable and offer low pressure drop. Size range from 1/8" to 2". High strength carbon steel.

Ball valves - 2 way and 3 way. These quality Italian manufactured ball valves are designed for hydraulic applications and are available in plated steel. Stainless steel is also available on request. Two way valves in sizes 1/4" to 2". Three way valves in sizes 1/4" to 2". Pressure ratings 350 to 500 bar.

Flowmax ENBL Series colour coded couplings for fluid management systems. Available in 6 colours for quick identification of mating parts. Each coloured nozzle and receiver will only couple with their matching colour component. Provides complete protection against cross contamination. Interchanges with similar Wiggins fittings.

CEJN 210 series premium performance blowgun with adjustable flow.

CEJN’s MultiFLOW blowgun effectively cleans surfaces with air or water with unparalleled blowing force.

Precise flow is achieved by adjustable flow settings. Nozzle adjusts from a narrow jet to a wide beam.

The MultiFLOW meets and exceeds OSHA safety standards when dead-ended.

The flow can be controlled conveniently from the wheel on the handle with a flow ranging from 200 to 1200 l/min for air or 5-25 l/min for fluids.

Maximum working pressure16 bar (232 PSI).

Suitable for air and non-explosive water based liquids.

Cejn Multiflow demonstration video

The CEJN retractable hose reels for compressed air have excellent flow performance and automatic and slowed down retraction with auto-stop. The compressed air hose reel will keep the hose securely rolled up and easily accessible when not in use and it is equipped with a soft stop ball, designed to prevent tripping accidents. It is designed for easy maintenance and repairability for increased service life. Common maintenance operations can easily be carried out, e.g. hose replacement or adjusting spring tension. It can be installed as wall mounted hose reel or mounted in the ceiling with the included bracket. A large selection of spare parts and accessories will further increase the reels’ service life.

See the CEJN hose reels in action

The Stucchi Suregrip is a great product assisting the operator gripping hoses and making connection of hydraulic lines easier.
Safe and comfortable in operation: the knurled finish provides a safe non-slip durable surface.
Ergonomic design.
Multiple anodised colours available (helping avoid cross connection of lines).
Integrated stop ring against slipping off when connecting.
Quality European designed and manufactured.
Simple identification: simplifies when connecting multiple lines.
Simple and reliable mounting.
Can be mounted to all standard hydraulic connections safely and quickly.

CEJN Multi-Link outlets

Safe and organised workspace with compressed air multi-outlets with unrestricted flow - powered by CEJN eSafe couplings.

The Multi-Link integrated quick connect couplings come in units of 1 to 5 outlets. 

The units can also easily be connected to create more access points. Ideal for uncluttering existing work areas or to create new flexible work stations. 

The integrated couplings provide flexibility and high performance, the design allows for a large number of outlets without restricting the flow with T-connections, bends or elbows. 

In combination with CEJN high quality polyurethane hose it becomes a flexible high performance air distribution system.

These versatile units save space, time and energy.

Convenient access to the compressed air power source.

180-degree outlet independent swivel prevents hose kinking.

Easier installation with fewer components to install.

Ultra-high safety hoses for ultra high-pressure hydraulics.
CEJN Ultra High-Pressure hoses for hydraulics are spiralised steel reinforced polymer that has ultra-high working pressure with maintained flexibility.
Its low volumetric expansion gives fast response time in hydraulic systems while smooth inner bored provides a minimised pressure drop.
The small outside diameter makes the hose ideal for tight routing.
Each assembled kit is cut to your preferred length, fitted with one of CEJN's range of fittings and high-pressure couplings.
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